Did You Know. . ? $150 helps save a baby’s life at FCPS.

It seems like such a small amount for so great a return. But it can make such an amazing difference in the lives of expecting mothers and their unborn children. Think of the smiles, the first giggles, and the love that these unborn children are capable of bringing into this world. $150 is all it can take to make a change in someone’s life, and in this case, to SAVE the life of an unborn child. So please, choose one of the options below and help us help the expecting mothers and unborn children in our community.

Save a Life today!

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Smith's Community Rewards

When you use your Smith's Community Rewards card, Smith's will make a donation to First Choice. Just follow the link below and add First Choice Pregnancy Services as your selected charity.

If you have questions, you may call Pam Caylor (702) 294-CARE (2273) or ask your Customer Service Representative at any Smith's Grocery Store.

Looking for alternative ways to help? Click Here to check out our current needs and volunteer opportunities.