Volunteer Stories

This is an amazing story about God’s Love, Faithfulness, Healing, and Restoration in the life of one volunteer. It’s a long story – but I’m just going to “hit” a few of the highlights, as they relate to First Choice.

I’ll call our volunteer “Denise,” and we’ll pick up her story mid-stream. Denise married young. She was married – but she was still searching for true love. She was married – but she did not really “feel” like she was a “treasure” – she didn’t “feel” loved by her husband. Even though Denise was literally “raised in church,” she had never let God dwell within her … She had never learned to be filled by God. Denise had never felt truly loved, honored, or respected – just the way she was. So, it wasn’t very long, before Denise had “stepped out” on her husband and marriage. She was still “looking for love in all the wrong places.” And Denise began having an affair.  

Denise and her husband had small children. And then Denise got pregnant again. But … this time … she knew the baby was conceived from her affair – and not with her husband. Still faithfully attending church, Denise sought counsel there. And she was desperately misguided … but she would not know that until many years later. Feeling somewhat "empowered" by that misguided advice, and feeling as if she had a “right” to “handle” what she perceived as a “problem,” Denise went to the abortion mill. There she was told that her baby, at 8 weeks, was really NOT a “baby” at all. She had gotten there “just in time” … before she was really carrying a “baby” …. “No,” she was told, “it’s just some tissue, not even formed yet.” AFTER the abortion, the “kindly” nurse showed Denise some “tissue” floating in some fluid, and assured her, “See! It wasn’t a ‘baby’ at all – only ‘tissue’ – just like we told you!”

True to the statistics, Denise continued in her adulterous ways, and soon got pregnant again. BUT ... THIS time …. There was no “need” to seek any “spiritual guidance” at her church! After all, she already “knew” it was “ok” – as long as she ended her pregnancy early – BEFORE it “became” a “baby”! And so she did just that.

After that second abortion, Denise became more and more desperate for love, affection, and SOME kind of “peace"! She spiraled further and further from God, and became more and more dependent upon prescription drugs and alcohol. Desperate, so desperate, she even tried to find a way to end her own life. But someone must have been praying for Denise! Because God had mercy upon her, and He began to woo her to Him. She began to learn to trust God, and to look to HIM to fulfill her needs and to heal her wounded soul.

Then one day, talking with a new spiritual leader, her leader encouraged her to “find a pro life place and begin volunteering” to help her begin to deal with and heal from her abortions. God got her to First Choice. And her life has never been the same.

God’s Word tells us in John 8:32 that we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free.

At First Choice, Denise found out the truth …. The whole, ugly, heart breaking truth of those abortions. She had NOT simply thrown out tissue …. But her own real babies. She also found out that the path she had been on for so many years – was a path of destruction! Denise began her journey to healing, restoration, and fulfillment in letting God use her – in spite of those ugly, dirty secrets – to bring hope and deliverance to others. Don’t get me wrong …. Denise has WORKED HARD for her healing …. Because the kind of damage that Denise did to her own life was not something a band aid slapped on it would cover and heal. She had to “dig deep” WITH God and allow HIM to heal her. It took some time. It took learning some new (Godly) attitudes and new ways to think and react – according to God’s Word and not just according to the flesh. But it has been worth it! And Denise is absolutely convinced that walking into First Choice on that day back in about 2009, was the REAL starting point of God’s healing and restoration in her life.

God IS the God of New Beginnings, Second Chances, Healing, and Restoration! And God WILL take the things meant to destroy us and He can turn them around for our good and HIS glory!